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It’s All Yours
A transformational programme tailor-made for corporate groups
and sales teams

“It’s All Yours” is an amazing, intensive, personal and professional development programme, which
gives teams a greater synergy and ability to deal effectively with conflict and resistance. It challenges
old assumptions and offers new paradigms – resulting in powerful new perspectives and attitudes which
dissolve resistance, resentment and resignation.
The principles and methodologies presented will help teams break through any limits or obstacles
in a practical and replicable way. It offers a fantastic formula for living, relating and achieving
fulfillment!  The programme includes the ground-breaking methodology of Dr John F Demartini,
which helps you break through to new levels of inspiration, creativity and performance.
An hour-and-a-half per week for seven weeks, or can be structured to suit your team.
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Renate Landman
“Renate is extremely thorough in her teachings. Anyone that
     attends her course will have a life-changing experience.”
                                               – Paula Jabour, Sales Manager, National Samsung